At Ted’s Plumbing, we don’t just strive to keep our clients happy and satisfied; we run our business with a strict sense of responsibility and abide through our Code of Ethics, which encompasses:

For Our Clients

  • We will serve each and every client with respect, competence and objectivity.
  • We will deliver our promises through value-added service.
  • We will perform our job to meet, if not exceed technical codes.
  • We will study and explore each client’s situation in great detail, gather all necessary information to gain better understanding of their problems, the scope of assistance needed, and give professional advice and explain the benefits of our customized service.
  • We will respect our clients’ privacy, as well as the sanctity of their homes and properties.

For Our Employees

  • We will consider each and every member of our team as family and consider their satisfaction with the company on par with profitability and customer service.
  • We will provide all the necessary on-going trainings to keep our professional plumbers competent and up-to-date with the latest innovations and uphold high performance standards.

For the Company

Ted’s company is fully committed to excellence, from providing the best services, to developing the company from the core, to helping elevate the industry. We will provide complete plumbing services, from repairs to complete replacement of plumbing systems and parts in strong adherence to the highest industry standard. 

Professional Responsibility

  • We will strive to improve ourselves, improve service efficiency and in the process, attest our faith in life’s fundamental principles – earn profit by delivering services with the best of our abilities.
  • To understand that though we have the ambition to succeed in our business, we are first ethical individuals, and wish success founded from morality and justice.
  • We will maintain the highest ethical standards, from advertising, pricing, installation, selling and guide our services with honesty and integrity.
  • To keep up with the latest advances in plumbing technology, from design, types of plumbing systems, methods of installation, heating and cooling systems, and always use equipment and materials that complies with the standards recognized by the industry. 

Social Responsibility

  • To promote energy and water conservation to our clients through improved, safe, adequate and modern installation of energy-saving equipment.
  • To support progressive actions and ideas that is being carried out in line with our trade extension, sanitation and standardization.
  • To keep our work in line with the federal state, county, and city building safety, water and energy conservation, fire and housing codes, and refuse to be part of any action that violates these regulations.